3 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 4 1 6 A P R I L 1 9 2 3
14. From William W. Campbell[1]
lickobservaory calif [12 April 1923]
= three pairs australia tahiti eclipse plates measured by campb[ell]
sixty two to eighty four stars each five of six measurements completely calculated
give einstein deflection between one point fifty nine and one point eighty six sec-
onds arc mean value one point seventy four
= W.
Tgm. [8 323]. Addressed “einstein akademie wissenschaften berlin,” with secondary postmark “Ber-
lin NW 12.[4.]23.
[1]Campbell (1862–1938) was director of the Lick Observatory in Berkeley, California.
[2]The plates were taken in September 1922 by an expedition to Wallal, Western Australia, to
observe light deflection by the Sun during a solar eclipse. Robert J. Trumpler (1886–1956), an astron-
omer from the Lick Observatory, had made the comparison plates three months earlier on Tahiti. See
Campbell and Trumpler 1923 for a first publication of the results; see also Crelinsten 2006, pp. 194–
212, for more on the expedition.
[3]The value predicted by general relativity is 1.7 seconds of arc (see, e.g., Einstein 1916e [Vol. 6,
Doc. 30], p. 822).
[4]The first and middle name initials are added in an unknown hand.
15. From Edith Clare Bryce Cram[1]
[New York, 12 April 1923]
congratulations on your stand for
would you come to america as guest
of two peaces societis if expenses were paid aeswer colclub = cram
Tgm. [43 464]. The telegram is addressed “Professor Albert Einstein Haberlandstr 5 Berlin w 30” and
postmarked “Berlin W 30 12.4.23 10–11V[ormittags].”
[1]Cram (1880–1960) was founder of the Peace House in New York.
[2]Einstein had recently expressed his displeasure with the League of Nations following the French
and Belgian invasion of the Ruhr (see Einstein to Pierre Comert, 21 March 1923 [Vol. 13, Doc. 447]).
16. From Ludwik Silberstein[1]
[Rochester?] 15 April, 1923.
Lieber Herr Kollege!
Beinahe ein Jahr waren mir Ihre terrestischen Koordinaten unbekannt; ich hörte
blos, dass Sie Berlin verlasssen haben (to judge from the newspapers). Direkt habe
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