4 6 4 D O C U M E N T S 2 9 7 , 2 9 8 J U L Y A U G U S T 1 9 2 4
AKS (IsJNLI/Schwadron Mss. Collection, Einstein Collection). [120 908]. The card is addressed
“Fräulein Betty Neumann Maassenstr. 11 Berlin” and postmarked “Genève Exp. Lettres 28 VII 1924
[1]At the fourth session of the International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation,
[2]Including her cousin and his wife, Hans Mühsam and Minna Mühsam-Adler.
297. To Luise Karr-Krüsi
[Zurich, 29 or 30 July
Herzliche Grüsse von Frau Einstein II an Frau
Geschmuggelt und über-
bracht durch
A. Einstein senior und
ADS (Greg Norman, Surrey, UK). [123 436]. Folds in the paper suggest that this document was used
to wrap candy.
[1]Dated on the assumption that this is the note Einstein left with candy for the Karrs, to be deliv-
ered by Hans Albert and Eduard during Einstein’s stay in Zurich (see Doc. 299).
[2]Elsa Einstein. Luise Karr-Krüsi (1873–1959) was the wife of Albert Karr-Krüsi.
[3]Einstein and Hans Albert Einstein.
298. From Louis A. Bauer[1]
Washington, D.C. August 4, 1924 (No. B1).
My dear Prof. Einstein:
Since July 1923 I have had the pleasure of sending you to your Berlin address,
as above, the following publications:
1. Chief results of a preliminary analysis of the Earth’s magnetic field for 1922
by Louis A. Bauer, Terr. Mag., March–June,
2. Some physical aspects of a recent analysis of the Earth’s magnetic field by
Louis A. Bauer, Science, v. 58, No. 1494, Aug. 17,
3. The Earth’s magnetic field for 1922 by Louis A. Bauer, Nature, August 25,
4. Report of the Department Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of
Let me hope that these publication have arrived safely in spite of your absence
from Berlin.
I have been looking forward with much anticipation to the publication of your
proposed paper on gravitation and terrestrial magnetism, but thus far I have seen no
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