D O C . 3 3 8 N E W Y E A R S W I S H E S F O R 1 9 2 9 509 3 3 8 . N e w Y e a r s W i s h e s f o r 1 9 2 9 [1] [Einstein 1928v] D ated between 18 and 20 December 1928[2] Published 31 December 1928 In : Chicago Daily News, 31 December 1928, 2. Albert Einstein, one of the world’s greatest scientists—“I wish first that this year may bring tlie broadest possible international agreements concerning disarmament on land and sea: second, that a solution of in- ternational war debts will be found which will allow all European states to pay their obligations without having to pawn their property abroad: that an honest arrangement be reached with Russia which relieves this land from external pressure and allows its internal development to proceed un- hampered.” Published in Chicago Daily News, 31 December 1928, 2. [1] Requested in lAbs. 795. The typed version [47 670] was sent attached to Abs. 798. [2] Dated by the dates of the letter of solicitation and the cover letter (see Abs. 795, 798). [3] For a previous statement on disarmament, see Appendix E. [4] Einstein had advocated a drastic reduction in Germany’s reparations in November 1923 (see “Reply to The New York World,” after 6 November 1923 [Vol. 14, Doc. 139]). [5] For a previous statement by Einstein on developments in the Soviet Union, see Doc. 36. [3] [4] [5]
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