5 5 6 D O C . 3 7 5 F O R U N I T E D P A L E S T I N E A P P E A L 375. Message for the United Palestine Appeal in the United States [Berlin, after 16 January 1929][1] Palästina bedeutet schon jetzt ein wunderbares lebendiges Denkmal jüdischen Gemeinsinnes.[2] Sorget dafür, dass es unser Stolz und unser verbindendes Zen- trum werde, wie es für unsere Vorfahren der Tempel in Jerusalem gewesen ist.[3] A. Einstein. ADftS. [28 070]. On verso of Abs. 837. [1] Dated by the supposition that this document was Einstein’s initial response to Abs. 837. See Einstein 1929o (Doc. 376) for a different published response. [2] In Abs. 837, Einstein had been asked for an encouraging statement for the annual United Pales- tine Appeal, which had just been launched in the United States. [3] For a previous statement in which he had defined the role of Palestine as “a moral and intellec- tual center for the Jewish people,” see “Prof. Einstein on His Impressions of Palestine,” 24 April 1923 (Vol. 14, Doc. 20).
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