CHRONOLOGY Journals and newspapers without dates indicate an issue of the day of the entry. See the List of Abbreviations for the abbreviations used here. 1925 June 2 The Brazilian Academy of Science will coin a memorial medal in honor of AE’s recent visit. Jewish Daily Bulletin, 3 June 1925. July 16–25 AE’s son Eduard visits him in Berlin they are later also joined by his elder son, Hans Albert. July 25 Travels to Geneva for sixth session of the ICIC. July 27 Has discussions with Louis Marshall. July 27–30 Attends sixth session of the ICIC in Geneva. July 27 First meeting of the sixth session. July 28 Second meeting of the sixth session. July 29 Third and fourth meetings of the sixth session. July 30 Fifth meeting of the sixth session. ca. July 30– In Zurich to visit ex-wife, Mileva, and Marcel Grossmann. ca. August 1 August 2 Arrives in Kiel from Geneva to vacation with sons (Doc. 37). August 8–9 Verfassungsfeier 1925 published with portrait of AE on the occasion of the celebrations of the German constitution organized by the Reichsbanner “Schwarz-Rot-Gold.” Berliner Tageblatt, 7 August 1925. August 14 Eduard Einstein leaves Kiel for Zurich. August 20 Elected foreign member of the Società Italiana delle Scienze. DIPL. [65 041].
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