DOC. 482 IN D E F E N S E OF C H A P L I N 761 482. “Einstein Joins French in Defense of Chaplin” [Einstein 1927f] D a t e d 19 February1927 Pu b l is h e d 20 February 1927 In : Philadelphia Public Ledger, 20 February 1927, p. 3. SUNDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 20. 1927 EINSTEIN JOINS FRENCH IN DEFENSE OF CHAPLIN Scientist Says Film Star Must Dis- regard Opinion of the "Herd" Public Ledger Foreign Service Copyright. 1987. by P u b lic L edoor Berlin, Feb. 19.— (By Wireless.) Albert Einstein, who for years has re- fused to give interviews on any subject, expressed himself as delighted today to say a few words about the case of Charles Chaplin. "Such a fine artist as Mr. Chaplin," the scientist said, “knows he must not attach much importance to the opinion of the herd, which counts as little in Europe as in America—although in Eu- rope the petticoat rule is not so strong. While Europe offers Chaplin a home, he had better not leave America. He had better wait to see how much further his compatriots will compromise them- selves.” ____ Parts, Feb. 19. (A P) Charlie Chaplin's art has nothing to do with i s p r i v a t e l i f e o r m o r a l s a n d a p r o - hibitlon of his pictures, as has been proposed, would be a "stupid blunder,"says a petition "to American opinion" signed by a number of prominent persons. Published in Philadelphia Public Ledger, 20 February 1927, p. 3. See Doc. 481 for annotation.
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