CALENDAR OF ABSTRACTS This listing contains abstracts of documents that belong to one of the following three cate- gories: (1) Known letters by and to Einstein (or those written or received by his secretary, Ilse Einstein) that fall within this period and are excluded from the selection of texts on grounds explained in the Editorial Method. Variants of documents that are presented as texts do not appear here, nor do drafts that differ insignificantly from final versions that are presented as texts. (2) Letters written to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Physics board of directors and board of trustees, and to the administration of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society. (3) Aphorisms and signed dedications by Einstein, and signed dedications to Einstein by authors of books and articles. See the List of Abbreviations for the abbreviations used here. Vol. 1, 16a. To the Winteler family [Aarau,] 2 February 1896 Photograph portrait of AE with inscription on the verso to “the dear Winteler family.” ADS (SzBHM, Nachlass Familie Winteler, 62801). [95 780]. Vol. 1, 16e. To Marie Winteler [Aarau, after 6 February 1896] Thanks for her charming letter, is happy that his little gift pleased her, is busy and has to run off. ALS (SzBHM, Nachlass Familie Winteler, 62832). [95 705]. Vol. 1, 16i. To Marie Winteler [Aarau,] Montag. 9 Uhr. [on or after 24 February? 1896] Fragments of love letter, partly legible, referring to their recent meeting and the difficul- ties of being apart while Marie is a teacher in Niederlenz. AE is working hard on trans- lation exercises for his French class. ALSf (SzBHM, Nachlass Familie Winteler, 62825). [95 699]. Vol. 1, 16k. To Marie Winteler [Aarau, on or before 25 March 1896] The two of them are the happiest people. She should not worry about his mother, who only acts out her motherly, pedagogical concerns. He looks forward to seeing her in a few days. ALSf (SzBHM, Nachlass Familie Winteler, 62831). [95 704]. Vol. 1, 16l. To Marie Winteler [Aarau,] Dienstag Abend. [on or before 31 March 1896] Thanks for the letter he received that morning, with a flower. He is happy whenever she plays the piano and he the violin, looks forward to holding her in his arms upon her visit from Niederlenz in three days’ time. ALS (SzBHM, Nachlass Familie Winteler, 62827). [95 701].
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