D O C U M E N T 4 6 1 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 7 7 2 3 461. From George E. Hale [Mount Wilson,] January 21, 1927 Dear Professor Einstein: I am deeply obliged to you for your very kind letter,[1] which has been of great interest to Millikan[2] and me, and will also be shown to Adams, Seares,[3] and oth- ers interested in the questions you discuss. A copy will be sent to Dr. Baade,[4] who has recently left the Observatory. Millikan says that Professor Swaan[5] of Yale University has been trying to develop similar initial conceptions regarding magne- tism, but does not know whether he has made any progress.[6] We fully agree with you in thinking that no other explanation of terrestrial or solar magnetism is of any value, and therefore greatly hope that you will see a way to continue your investi- gations. Professor and Mrs. Lorentz are here,[7] in excellent health, and I hope very soon to have an opportunity to discuss your letter with him. Professor Michelson[8] is also here, and is nearly ready to repeat the Michelson-Morley experiment. Believe me, with kindest regards and repeated thanks, Yours very sincerely, TLC (CaPsCA). [90 227]. Addressed “Professor Dr. A. Einstein University of Berlin Berlin, Ger- many.” [1]Doc. 437. [2]Robert A. Millikan. [3]Walter S. Adams (1876–1956) was director of Mount Wilson Observatory. Frederick H. Seares. [4]Walter Baade. [5]William F. G. Swann (1884–1962) was Professor of Physics at Yale University. [6]See, e.g., Swann 1926. [7]H. A. Lorentz and Aletta Lorentz-Kaiser (1858–1931). [8]Albert Michelson.
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