D O C U M E N T 1 2 0 O N S C H O L A R S 2 1 1 ALS. [12 171]. Written on letterhead “Institut für theoretische Physik der Universität.” There are per- forations for a loose-leaf binder at the left margin of the document. [1]Doc. 112. [2]In Born, Heisenberg, and Jordan 1926, p. 606, the vibrations of a continuous string, which is used as a simple model for the electromagnetic oscillations in a cavity with black-body radiation (see Doc. 98, note 3), are compared to the vibrations of a crystal lattice in the limit of an infinite number of degrees of freedom. In both cases the system can be replaced by a infinite set of uncoupled har- monic oscillators, which can be readily quantized in matrix mechanics. [3]In the following equation should be . [4]In the equation, which is the Taylor expansion of the energy around its minimum , should be , the term quadratic in should be multiplied by , and should be . [5]For small values of the expression for the energy reduces to (A and B con- stants), i.e., the energy of a harmonic oscillator with an additional constant. [6]See Doc. 112, note 6, for Nernst’s ideas on zero-point energy. [7]See Doc. 112, note 5, for the use of the term “kinematics.” [8]A reference to the quantum theory of radiation developed by Niels Bohr, Hendrik Kramers, and John Slater (see Doc. 49, note 5, for more details). 120. Aphorism on Scholars [Berlin, December 1925][1] Die Gelehrten hätten als Avan-Garde des Friedens Wertvolles leisten können, als Landsturm wird man sie kaum mehr brauchen.[2] A. Einstein. ADS (Sotheby’s Auction Catalogue, New York, 17 June 1999, Lot No. 23). [85 171]. Written at the foot of a page in the album amicorum of Germaine Gurickx, daughter of the Belgian pianist Camille Gurickx. The album also contains entries by Belgian, French, and German writers, artists, and musicians. [1]Dated by the auction house. [2]Einstein had used very similar wording in Doc. 114. He had also recently expressed the same idea in Doc. 94. ω2q2 m2ω2q2 q0 1 2mp2 ------------- 1 2m -------p2 q1 1 2 -- - 6b q0 5 ----- - 6b q04 ----- - q1 p2 2m ------- Aq1 2 B + +
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